Before they were a web comic, the Three Jaguars made their first appearances in my business columns for artists. These columns are scattered all over livejournal and my blog at, but I’ve collected a list of links here (and will hopefully compile them into a book next year). Meanwhile, here’s a table of contents:

1. Introduction: Many Roles
2. Introduction: Products
3. Introduction: Plan
4. Interlude: Why I Wrote Many Roles and Gave it Away
5. Interlude: On Piracy
6. The Day Job, Part 1
7. The Day Job, Part 2
8. Tracking and Trending, Part 1
9. Tracking and Trending, Part 2
10. Interlude: Accounting Spreadsheet Download
11. What I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Graduated College
12. Enlisting the Aid of Your Inner Customer
13. Time Management
14. Unslimy Marketing
15. Agility
16. Pricing, Part 1
17. Pricing, Part 2
18. Pricing, Part 3
19. Pricing, Epilogue
20. Communication, Part 1: Customers and Fans.
21. Communication, Part 2: Business Partners.
22. Communication, Part 3: Peers.